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Notice of Intimation

The notice has to be filed to the Sub Registrar office, within whose jurisdiction the property (of which the title deeds are deposited) is situated.

The notice should be filed within 30 days from the date of mortgage.

The time limit can not be extended as it is a legal provision and not an administrative order.

The designated offices can accept the notice for filing on any working day in the working hours.

Stamp Duty of Rs 100/- has to be paid on the notice.

The filing fee is Rs 1000/- irrespective of the Loan amount. For physical filing the document handling charges of Rs 300/- has to be paid.

The responsibility of Filing the Notice of Intimation lies solely with the mortgagor/s, borrower/s.

You can file the notice on line using eFiling Module, which is available to all banks/nbfcs. Use that and avoid visits to SR offices, it will save your Rs.300/- of document handling charges.

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